The Arm of the Spirit

  The arm of the flesh is a physical manifestation of the presence of evil in the world. There have always been men who rebel against me and do not submit to my authority in their lives. Men who wield the arm of the flesh to oppress my beloved daughters.…

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Speaking Engagements

I spent Mother’s Day 2012 in a shelter for battered women – alone.  During that painful crisis (which proved to be a pivotal moment in my life and walk of faith) I received my commission from the Holy Spirit.  I believe I have been called to tell anyone who will…

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An Appointed Time

Jennifer Faith gives a hang ten from her surfboard to encourage battered women of all faiths

I want to tell you about an experience I just had – one I am still recovering from.  I’ll bet that if you are reading this you will relate. My abuser is still at large.  He never spent time in jail.  He has never been convicted of abuse.  I tried…

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