Letter To Self

Picture of a peaceful beach

The following letter was written by one of my blog followers. When I read it my heart broke. She, like me, chose to stay in domestic violence even though everything reasonable and rational was telling her to get out. She knew that her married life was horrifying and painful, but…

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It is a Deception

Jennifer Faith surfing at Morro Bay

Yesterday I spent the entire day – from nine in the morning until six in the evening – sitting in a gym with the man who battered me for over two decades. I did my best to just ignore his presence, focus my thoughts on Jesus, and be thankful for…

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God Doesn’t Waste Tears

I just finished having a good old fashioned cry. I spent most of my adult life pushing down the pain and holding back my tears so that I could make everyone, including myself, believe that my life was beautiful, when in reality it was painful, confusing, and scary. Now that…

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