What life looks like with a man who truly loves and is not abusive. Happy birthday Frank!

God keeps his promises! In May of 2012 I was in a safe house for battered women – alone. My abuser had turned my children against me, I wasn’t safe it my own home, I was financially ruined, and no one knew the truth of my situation. This is what my life looks 6 years later because I chose to follow God out of my life of abuse and into freedom. It was so scary and when my abuser took me to court for spousal support for life – and won – it was confusing. God told me then “a thousand dollars a month is going to be a drop in the bucket compared to how I bless you.” He brought a good and true man into my life, restored me to my children, restored my finances, and healed my heart. I put these photos together for my husbands 60th birthday and it is a wonderful testimony to the faithfulness of God.

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