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Hello All!

God promises that if we delight in him he will order our steps. A few days ago I was given the opportunity to be a guest on a radio program which led to an invite to an interfaith council meeting which led to a divine appointment! “I have never been to this meeting before,” Paul told me when we met. He was scratching his head during the meeting, wondering why God had brought him there. Then it came time for me to introduce myself to the group. I shared a little bit about my story and then I cut to the chase. “I am here because I need people who can help me get this message to audiences.” That was when Paul knew why God had brought him to the meeting and this post is a result of that divine appointment.  Paul is the owner of a television network called the Faith Unveiled Network, and that network will be launching the debut of my short film, “The Journey” on Monday, July 18th. The film will run 24/7 for an entire month! God is so very good. Please share this good news with everyone you know because I believe this film is going to save lives and bring hope and healing to hurting souls all across the globe. Please access the link below to visit the Faith Unveiled Network online.

In Him,

Jennifer Faith

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