Satan, You Can Kiss My Grits!


Do you see that picture? Yeah, that’s right fool. That’s me. I know I look different now. It must be quite a shock to see me so happy and fulfilled. It must be aggravating to see me brimming with joy and abundant life. We both know that just a couple of years ago you had me on the ground with your knife to my throat. You almost won. Almost. I believed all of your lies. I believed that God didn’t love me. I believed that he had forsaken me. I believed that the abuse would never end and that dying a violent death was an inevitable reality for me. I believed that I wasn’t worth saving. I believed every single distorted thing you whispered into my ear, but guess what? The jig is up. I finally started listening to the Holy Spirit instead of you, I grabbed onto Jesus, and I got off the ground. So Satan, you can kiss my grits!

And you have got some nerve. You used deception and lies to lead me down dark paths that you knew would keep me from God. I followed you and your demonic underlings right into the traps of religious pride, judgment of others, legalism, and secrecy, which you knew would cause delusion and despair. And then you have the audacity to condemn me for the very sins that you lured me into! I have some news for you. I am forgiven. That’s right. There is no condemnation for me because I am in Jesus and Jesus is in me. I know you had me running around like a chicken with my head cut off, striving to be good enough for God and working myself to death to earn his love and favor, but those days are gone. Never again will I allow you to undermine the power of the cross with your pathetic lies. I am dancing in freedom because the blood of Jesus covers me, and nothing you say can stop me from dancing. And another thing. I am doing my best, navigating life on this dirty earth. I have been confronted with pain, rejection, betrayal, wounding, sickness, loss, and sin. And yet I am still praising God. You, on the other hand, had it made. You were in heaven, where everything is perfect, and you still blew it! So you know what Satan? You can kiss my grits!

I have more bad news for you. When you had me beaten down and I was living a lie, we both know that I wasn’t helping anyone. You had me convinced that I would never survive if I told the truth, when all the while the isolation and secrecy were killing me. Unfortunately for you, I listened to Jesus. He told me that it was time to tell the truth, and that we would face the consequences together. It was the scariest moment of my life, but following Jesus into the light was the best, most powerful decision I have ever made. I ran into his arms, and he loved me so completely that I can honestly say that I am healed. Every evil thing that you sent into my life to wound and destroy me has been covered by the blood of Jesus. Everything. And because I have been healed, I just can’t stop myself from telling others all about what Jesus did for me. When they hear my story, they give glory to God. I know you hate that, but I really don’t care. And it doesn’t stop there. My new life is a living testimony to the goodness and faithfulness of God. It is a testimony to the healing love of Jesus. So God keeps bringing people into my life that need his touch as badly as I did, and he is doing for them what he has done for me. The anointing of God just keeps flowing from life to life and there is nothing you can do to stop it. So I will say it again. Satan, you can kiss my grits!

One last thing. I know how much you love to attack me by whispering all sorts of doubts. Doubts about whether or not God will come through for me. Doubts about my future. Doubts about my calling and anointing. Doubts about the prophetic words that have been spoken over my life. Doubts about the mysterious and unsearchable things that the Holy Spirit has whispered to me during our precious times together. Here’s the deal. I choose to believe God. I choose to trust him with my future. I choose to trust him with my calling. I choose to believe every single word that he has spoken over my life. I realize that my current circumstances aren’t consistent with what the Lord has promised, but I choose to trust God anyway. What’s the worst thing that can happen? When I die I will be known as the girl who was crazy in love with Jesus and believed in the promises of God. I am cool with that. I will not let you hinder what God wants to do for me and through me by giving into unbelief. You are a liar. You are defeated. Satan, you can kiss my grits!


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