The Journey

This is the true story of my journey from domestic violence to freedom. The journey is metaphorical but the events that led to me finally escaping my abusive situation are very real. It is told in a powerful and engaging way and the purpose is to help others who are being abused to summons the courage to escape from violence and choose freedom for lives. Especially women of faith. My faith background is rooted in Christianity and unfortunately there are many leaders in the Christian church who are encouraging women to pray harder, have more faith, and stay in an abusive marriage in order to “save the marriage.” This may sound absurd but it is a reality. This film is a rebuttal to that preaching and although it should not be controversial, it is. A second purpose is to help those who have watched someone they love remain in a violent relationship gain understanding. Anyone who is being abused, has been abused, or loves someone who is living in domestic violence will be profoundly moved by this film.

F is for FREEDOM

I do not know where you are in your journey through abuse, but I just want to remind you that F is for FREEDOM. Perhaps you are still living under the same roof as your abuser. You are in the head scratching phase, wondering why your heart hurts so much.…

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Jennifer Faith

The first in a series of video blogs covering the true story of how a loving God delivered me from a secret life of fear and shame as a battered wife. It is not God’s will for you or your children to be abused. God set me free and he wants to set you free as well. I am praying that this video gives you hope, encouragement and strength. I am believing that the truth will set you free.

The Arm of the Spirit

  The arm of the flesh is a physical manifestation of the presence of evil in the world. There have always been men who rebel against me and do not submit to my authority in their lives. Men who wield the arm of the flesh to oppress my beloved daughters.…

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