F is for FREEDOM

I do not know where you are in your journey through abuse, but I just want to remind you that F is for FREEDOM. Perhaps you are still living under the same roof as your abuser. You are in the head scratching phase, wondering why your heart hurts so much. …

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I Met The Perfect Man

Not long ago I was in a world of hurt. I was completely isolated and overwhelmed with despair. I would often be in my pajamas at six o’clock in the evening, laying in bed, staring at the ceiling, wondering how my life had turned out the way it had turned …

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Dancing Out of My Cell

Jennifer Faith jumps for joy now that she is free from her abuser

Dancing Out of my Cell: Too ashamed to tell the truth.  Too alone to cry for help.  Too wounded to know that I deserved to be loved and not to be hurt.  Too afraid to make a change.  I tried to make him understand, but my tears only made him …

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