God is a restorer: Dream Wedding in Paradise August 17, 2015

After living a secret life of fear and shame as a battered wife for over two decades I was in the “never again club.” On June 21, 2014 the Holy Spirit spoke clearly into my spirit and said “I have a husband for you. He’s a good man. He’s my man.” I was shocked and a bit dismayed as I was not praying for this, and I was very closed to the idea of ever trusting anyone again. Nevertheless, I told my friends and family what the Lord had spoken and I said “not my will but your will be done.” This video is proof that God is faithful, and when he speaks, he acts. The greatest miracle of all is that he has healed me to the point of being able to love and trust again. As usual, God’s plans for us are way better than the plans we have for ourselves. I pray that this video will give someone hope to believe in the promises of God and the faith to trust again.