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Jennifer Faith: Jesus helped her break free form a life of abuse, and she's here to give you hope and reassurance that he can help you too.. Read Jennifer's inspiring true story about how he helped her, and receive faith and courage to make your own journey to freedom.Hello!  My name is Jennifer Faith and I am so blessed that you have found my blog.  I hope that you will get to know me personally as I write about my true life transformation from terrified, broken, hopeless battered wife, to a set free, healed and delivered daughter of the most high God.  At the age of twenty I gave myself to a seemingly devoted Christian man.  A man who vowed to loved and cherish me. Unfortunately my dreams of a loving marriage and a happy home were not realized because the” loving man” image was a facade, and my husband began to batter me shortly after we said “I do.” Because I believed lies about who I was and who God is, I stayed for twenty-two years.  From the outside I appeared to be a successful, strong, Christian woman, because I purposely hid the truth of my life from friends and family.  Fear, shame, and isolation were my companions for most of my adult life.  The good news is that I have been set free.  Not just set free – but totally transformed and truly healed from the inside out, thanks to Jesus. He is real and he does what he said he came to do.  He came to bind up the broken hearted and set the captives free.  God knows my heart, and he knows that I take seriously his directive to “go and tell everyone all about what I have done for you.”  So if you are reading this it is not by chance.  And I want you to know that there is no one who was more consumed by fear and shame than I.  There is no pit too deep, no circumstance too dire for God. It is not his will for you to be abused and I pray that by sharing in my experiences you will have the faith to believe that he can deliver you too. I declare healing and strength to you in the mighty name of Jesus.


  1. You write amazing truths, and I love how you KNOW that it was Jesus who did all the healing, and when it was hard he picked you up and carried you!

    • Jennifer Faith

      Thanks girl and thank you for walking through it with me 🙂 (and letting me run to your house in the middle of the night when things got scary at mine)! You were a vessel for Jesus for me at that time.

  2. Such an inspiration! Looking forward to following you and reading more!!!

  3. Hey Jenny, I’m so amazed to see what GOD is doing in your life and trough your life after all your obedience and patience trough the suffering. You are the strongest women I ever meet, I never experience all this faith together in one person, but God has a plan for you and for all of us that wants to step on faith and believe how valuable we are at His eyes. You were there for me, i’m a living testimony of God’s grace and mercy. It was HIM who brought me to you in the right moment and to know that He had you ready to received me as broken as I was, and to give you the wisdom and love to fix me day by day, changed my view of God, He showed me trough you how closed HE is. Thanks for being there for me. God may continue to use you and bring to your ministry every single women that needs to hear what HE wants them all to know. Every time I read something you wrote, I can’t stop crying, so many trues. I’m free, THANK YOU MRS. FAITH !!!!

  4. Whoever edits and puhsilbes these articles really knows what they’re doing.

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