The Arm of the Spirit


The arm of the flesh is a physical manifestation of the presence of evil in the world. There have always been men who rebel against me and do not submit to my authority in their lives. Men who wield the arm of the flesh to oppress my beloved daughters. What is worse, they invoke my name while doing so.

Intimidation is not of me
Verbal assault is not of me
Rape is not of me
Control is not of me
Threatening words and behaviors are not of me
Physical battering is not of me
Emotional torture is not of me
Abandonment is not of me
Objectification is not of me
Slavery is not of me
Inequality is not of me

Mine is the Arm of the Spirit and I offer my mighty arm in defense of you.You are a daughter of the king, and no one treats a daughter of the king with contempt without my notice. I am good. In me there is no darkness, and evil will never overcome my goodness. The arm of the flesh has had its day. But now is the day of the the Arm of my Spirit. No longer will my daughters believe the lie that I approve of this vileness. No longer will the powers of darkness keep my daughters bound in the name of religion. Call out to me – the Arm of my Spirit is able to deliver you from evil. The Arm of my Spirit is able to anoint you with power. The Arm of my Spirit is waiting to uplift you with my light and my tender love. The arm of the flesh is no match for the Arm of my Spirit. And the Arm of my Spirit belongs to my daughters.

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid of discouraged because of the king of Assyria and the vast army with him, for there is a greater power with us than with him. With him is only the arm of the flesh, but with us is the Lord our God to help us fight our battles.” 2 Chronicles 32:7-8.



  1. Jenny – this is beautiful! Think you for being so honest and vulnerable. God is using you in a mighty way!

    • Jennifer Faith

      Thank you Sharon. You know that I am always saying “the truth isn’t as scary as you think it is going to be” and I am thankful it is helping others. XO

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