I recently spoke to a group of women at the be BRAVE, the movement launch event. I was asked to speak to what BRAVE meant to me. I hope you will be inspired and encouraged by what you hear. Please share with others, I believe this is a word in season.

All God’s Best,

Jennifer Faith


  1. Wow Jennifer, you really did a great job with this talk! Speaking of being brave, just getting up to speak to a group like that takes great courage, but nothing like what it took to escape the abuse you once endured in your life. Thank you for your amazing example of bravery for other women to pattern after, and for this powerful and loving message to help other women do the same, and to help prevent others from making the same mistake so they can instead live a life of joy and fulfillment – whether they’re on their own or with a GOOD man. May God continue to bless you mightily and have a Merry Christmas!

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