Declaration to Battered Women

Declaration to Battered Women from Jennifer West on Vimeo.

I wrote this piece because I have been set free from abuse and I want to help others.



This is a declaration to women all over the world. To women who know what it feels like to walk on eggshells, survive an unprovoked attack, recover from a verbal assault, duck flying objects, apologize to keep the peace, pretend that everything is fine. Women who know what it feels like to be intimidated, shoved, threatened, slapped, controlled, terrorized. To women who feel alone and forgotten: God is real. He loves you. He has not forsaken you. He sees what is happening to you. It is not okay with Him. Your culture may say it is okay. Your religion may say it is okay. The man who is hurting you says it is okay. But they are wrong. There is hope. God will make a way. With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible. He is a God of miracles. He is rich in love and full of mercy. He wants to heal your broken heart and set you free.  I declare that Fear must leave, and Shame you will be gone. No more isolation. All darkness must leave now. I declare light and healing, strength and peace and love, victory and power, in the mighty name of God.


  1. Jennifer, this is so beautiful. Thank you for this prayer over all women suffering at the hands of men.

  2. You are welcome! God’s heart is for us.

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