Hello, My Name is Jesus


Hello. My name is Jesus. I understand that my name is usually associated with a particular religion called Christianity, and so if you belong to a different religion you may think that I have no business being in your life. But I have not come to talk about religion. I have absolutely no interest in what religion you belong to, what color your skin is, what language you speak, or what part of the world you were born in. I am only interested in your heart. And I can see that it is breaking. I was before time and so I am a witness to the truth that ever since the fall of man, women have been mistreated. When my Father and I created this world this was not our plan for womankind. The fact that so many women have been abused, intimated, threatened, tortured, manipulated, raped, controlled and sold into slavery comes from the evil one – Satan – the angel who my Father cast out of heaven forever. He rebelled against my Father and was hurled to the earth, along with the angels who followed him. These dark forces are working through the man in your life who is hurting you. But I have good news. I have overcome.

Perhaps you have heard my story, but it is so amazing that it is worth telling again. The God who loves you very much desired to make a way to restore you to right relationship with him because he wanted to be in fellowship with you. At the appointed time he found a humble, unpretentious young woman, just like you. He used this woman as a vessel through which to redeem all of mankind to himself. I made a choice to leave heaven and all the glory that is due me, and through the power of the Holy Spirit I was born to a sweet, simple virgin. I, God, became flesh for you. While I was on the earth I performed all sorts of miracles so that people would know that I am God. I was crucified for claiming that I was God. When I died Satan and his demons rejoiced and they thought they had won. What they didn’t know is that my death was part of the plan. It was the reason I came to earth in the first place. I came to reverse the curse of sin and death and only I could do it. I became the ultimate, once for all sacrifice for every man and every woman. I did this for you and I did it so that you would be able to overcome the evil of abuse.

How does my death allow you to overcome the evil of abuse, you ask? Well my death isn’t the end of the story. Three days after they buried me in the ground I was raised to life. I am alive forever. Because I am alive, all power, authority, and dominion are mine. I am offering this power, authority, and dominion to you in my name. I have authority over the demons who are working in the man who is abusing you, and if you belong to me, you have this authority as well. These same demons are stirring your mind into confusion and causing you to believe lies that keep you bound. Have you ever heard a voice say “It is hopeless. You will never make it out alive.” or “What is happening to you really isn’t that bad. You are over reacting again.” I have the power to silence these lying spirits, and if you are in me you will have the power to silence them as well.

And there is more good news. I came to heal you and bind up your broken heart. I want to free you from fear and shame, and I want to fill your life with my love. I don’t care what religion you belong to. That doesn’t matter to me. I don’t play favorites and I see what you are going through. I know that you are lovely and amazing and I wish you knew it too. I love you and I want to rescue you. If you will only ask, I will come and be with you forever. I will never leave you or forsake you. If you give me a chance, I will prove myself to you. I will show you how tender my heart is for you. You will see that I am always faithful and that I never lie. You will learn that you can trust me because I am good. If you will put your hand in mind I will lead you to safety and freedom in my name.

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.” Revelation 3:20

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  1. Silent Courage
    Written by Christina Duane 11-22-2013

    I saw the wounded boy inside, within a dark mysterious man
    A saw the light within you beam, each that I walked in
    We built a life on passions waves, hate and love the crimson tide
    That drew the life blood out of me, it ebbed and flowed I nearly died.

    With enough life to rise and run, I took refuge in the night
    You played on every Christian stage, in prayer rooms telling of your plight
    Yes I had left you all alone, saving face, you prayed for me
    Each time the saints would pray me home to the you that you claim to be

    The you want to be, the one you think you are
    Front and center on the stage While I’m tending to my scars
    The You who drew me in with magic, faith and charm
    In a paralyzing web and we start all over Again

    Posting love songs on my wall, on my special day
    People comforting you there, how sad I went away
    I won’t post the reasons why, God knows each and every tear
    It takes courage to be silent, Walking free from hate and fear

    I walk strong, I walk proud, risking loss to I build my home on solid ground.
    I go free, free to be, the me you loved and feared, the me I’m meant to be

    The person I once was, the one you tried to change
    My heart a brave white horse, I am taking back the reigns
    Daughter of the King, mother sister friend
    Living safe, and strong to lead my children again.

    • The part about this that rocked me was “I won’t post the reasons why, God knows each and every tear. I takes courage to be silent, walking away from hate and fear.” When I was making my escape from abuse the Spirit specifically told me to keep silent and allow him to vindicate me because he knew the truth. It was so hard but his word to me did not fail. God is so good. Thank you for sharing these beautiful words that will bless many.

    • Grace Victorious

      I was still wiping the tears from my eyes after reading Jennifer’s post when I read this. Then I started weeping all over again. God bless Christina’s Heart and please continue to inspire her through her poetry, lyrics and songs all the way to freedom and healing.

    • Wow. I feel like I was reading something written for me.

  2. Grace Victorious

    It is so beautiful to see this young blog already making such a difference in the lives of women who have suffered at the hands of men. I have wept with joy, relief and a longing for all women suffering abuse to have their own chains removed with every post Jennifer has written. I was not abused by a husband, but I am deeply blessed that God gave me a sweet, righteous and loving husband who helped me heal from the damage my father did to me, and because of his tender loving care, I have come a long way from the traumatized young woman I was when we first met almost 25 years ago. Since this post and the first reply to it are so powerful and so true, I won’t write too much, just these words which did so much to help me: “Whom the Son sets free is free indeed.” (John 8:36) He set me free, he set Jennifer Faith free, and he will set you free, too. You are not alone.

    • We have the power to hurt or to heal each other and I am glad God led you to a healer 🙂 May we be healers in the name of Jesus.

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